The WildChoices Support Recommendations (WSR)

Since its launch in March 2022, the WildChoices Support Recommendations (WSR) has provided the only comprehensive list of captive wildlife tourism facilities in South Africa and their assessment outcomes against industry standards of sound ethics and good practices. The WSR serves as a voluntary guideline for the industry, empowering tour operators, destination managers, agents, and both domestic and international tourists to make informed decisions when choosing which captive wildlife tourism facilities to support. Additionally, facility owners can use the WSR as a benchmark to evaluate their own operations and implement necessary changes.

The WSR produces the following assessment outcomes based on the answers to the relevant questions of the industry guidelines Decision Tree:

  • Support Level 1 – true sanctuaries or rehabilitation centres per Question 1, and facilities with 3 ‘no’ answers to Question 6
  • Support Level 2 – facilities with 2 ‘no’ answers to Question 6
  • Support Level 3 – facilities with 1 ‘no’ answer to Question 6
  • Support Level 4 – facilities with 0 ‘no’ answers to Question 6
  • Don’t Support

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If you have any questions about facilities not on our list, please contact us.