The results of this assessment is based on a publicly available decision tool applied to publicly available information. While WildChoices has taken reasonable care to verify the accuracy of information used in its assessment of facilities, it and its founders and researches are not and cannot be held responsible for inaccurate publicly available online information on which the result of an assessment may have been based.

The Assessment is based on the logical and prudent implementation of the publicly available SATSA Captive Wildlife Attractions & Activities Guidelines and Decision Tool.

Furthermore the list of facilities (‘the Facility/Facilities’) and the detail of the Facilities is based on publicly available information and is used in the Assessment for general information purposes. WildChoices provides the aforesaid information in good faith and does not warrant in any way, expressed or implied, that the information is accurate, valid, reliable, complete, free of errors and is not and cannot be held responsible for any such information being out of date, invalid, inaccurate, unreliable, incomplete or misleading.

Any reader of the Assessment who subsequently links to a Facility website does so at his/her own risk.

The Facilities will be provided with the Assessment proof on request and it is entirely up to the Facilities to advise WildChoices of any information that is out of date, inaccurate or misleading and, if they deem fit, to object to the Assessment. If substantiated, the Assessment will be amended accordingly immediately.     

WildChoices has published the Assessment in good faith and in public interest based on information made available publicly by the Facilities. Accordingly WildChoices cannot be held liable for any negative consequences and/or damages that any Facility may suffer as a result of the publication of the Assessment.