Literature Support

Peer-reviewed publications and scientific research is the most effective way of assessing impacts to wildlife from human practices. Thus, WildChoices is guided by scientific literature and continually supported by new research and insight into best practices. Quantitative literature is an integral layer of our “Swiss Cheese Approach” in ensuring that we continue to move towards more ethical practices in wildlife tourism.

Welfare considerations and insight from organizations in the form of position papers and reporting is another critical layer in the “Swiss Cheese Approach” and should be additionally considered when researching organizations and practices to support. Formal standards of animal welfare vary between viewpoints and are typically defined by animal welfare groups, legislators, and academics. The approach uses measures such as longevity, disease, immunosuppression, behavior, physiology, and reproduction to determine the degree of welfare that an animal is provided.

At WildChoices we provide an outline for ethical wildlife tourism practices but it is essential that each consumer uses multiple tools to assess whether they support an organization and its practices beyond the scope of the tool.